Lacrosse Gear

For even those who have been involved with the sport for years, the sheer variety of the types of gear can be a little overwhelming. As with equipment in most activities, as you get towards the higher end gear, you could spend as much as you want for gear. That's why finding the right gear for your needs is so important. Popular brands for gear are Warrior, Brine, STX, Harrow, Maverik, and Cascade among others. If you have any questions regarding gear email the

Helmet - The helmet is the most important piece of equipment for a lacrosse player, but it can alsobe the most expensive. US Lacrosse hasmade major strides over the past few years focusing on player safety and bringing concussion awareness to the forefront. While lacrosse does not feature the head-on collisions you see in sports such as football, being aware of the risks are important. 

There is no requirement that players wear any particular make or model of helmet, however, the helmet does need to be white to play on the Rampage varsity. The Lincoln Rampage recommend getting a CPX-R or a Pro-7, both of which are manufactured by Cascade lacrosse. They are a little more advanced than the baseline model helmets and offer a little bit more protection. Pictured to the right are some sample Rampage helmets. We typically put in a team order for CPX-Rs and Pro-7s at the beginning of the year to get a group discount from a supplier for those parents who are interested. New: $80 - $200      Used:   $40 - $100

- Gloves protect the hands and wrists of the player. The most important things to look for in a pair of gloves are how they fit, flexibility in the fingers, and durability of the material in teh palms. The Rampage do not mandate any particular glove brands or colors, however we would encourage you to keep our team colors of orange and navy in mind while you are shopping for gloves. New: $35 - $160  Used: $20 - $100

Elbow Pads - Elbow pads or arm guards protect the forearms and elbows of players. Typically attacks wear heavier and larger elbow guards than defensemen who don't have to worry about sticks hitting their arms as much. Most arm guards come in black or white and like gloves, the Rampage make no requirements for color or brand. New: $20 - $80
Used: $10 - $40

Shoulder Pads - Shoulder pads protect the collarbone and shoulders of players. While many players like to find as small and unencumbering pads as possible, it is important to remember that protection is the most important concern. Like most other forms of equipment, specific color and brand are not required by the Lincoln Rampage. New: $25 - $90  Used: $10 - $40

Stick - The stick is the most personal purchase a lacrosse player can make. This is the one piece of equipment that a lacrosse player cannot live without and the one that never leaves their hand. There are three types of sticks out there: regular sticks, defensive sticks, and goalie sticks. A regular stick is a 40 to 42 inch shaft with a regular lacrosse head. A defensive stick is a 52 to 72 inch shaft with a regular lacrosse head. A goalie stick can range from 40 to 72 inches in length and has a goalie head which is about the size of a tennis racket. When it comes to the pocket, what type of mesh and stringing you get is all a personal preference. We recommend most new players start off with a regular short stick until they know what position they want to play. New: $25 - $200. Used: $15 - $120

Other Required or Recommended Gear:
  • Mouthguard
  • Cleats (no metal spikes, metal tipped are ok)
  • Athletic Cup